I love birth!

I Love Birth!  Sometimes I just have to shout it out for the world to hear (or – just our limited circle of bloggers, but hey…) – I Love Birth!

Last week I had the privilege of attending a wonderful, natural, normal birth.  This was the birth of a beautiful baby girl, whose mama happens to be a friend.  But I wasn’t the only support person – oh, no.  This mama was supported by a terrific husband who never left her side.  But it wasn’t just the two of us laboring with mama.  This mama was supported by a very close friend, who had also been present at her first birth.  But, no, that isn’t the end either.  This mama was also supported by another good friend who offered to be present for encouragement and help.  And do you know?  This mama kept all of us busy, all of the time.

At one point, I do believe that I had tears of joy in my eyes at the sight we made.  One of those surreal moments when you look down on the scene from somewhere outside of yourself.  Mama was in the tub, gently rocking and sounding through each surge as her body made way for this new little one.  Dad sat at the end of the tub, offering his support through gentle words of encouragement and his near presence.  I was next in line, scooping up warm water with a basin and gently pouring it back and forth across mama’s belly with a rhythmic motion.  One friend held her hand and kept cool cloths on mama’s head, and another began a soothing reading about gentle birth choices in a dreamy, sing-song voice.  It was inspiring.

No matter what else took place during the course of that mama’s labor, that moment was normal, natural birth and it was unforgettable.

I love my job.

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