Yoga Instructors

Alison Spath, IBCLC, CD(DONA), RYT

Prenatal Yoga Teacher – Co-owner, Yoga Studio Manager
(585) 451-9968

Alison began her work in the birth community in 2007 as the Rochester Chapter Leader of International Cesarean Awareness Network, supporting women who were recovering from or hoping to avoid a cesarean, as well those who were planning a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.  Through her work with ICAN, Alison came to understand how incredibly powerful it can be to feel supported and understood by mothers who have walked the path before you as you find your own way.Alison Spath

Alison is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and began her work in lactation by offering mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding women in the greater Rochester area in 2008.  Alison teaches our Intro to Breastfeeding class, facilitates our Breastfeeding Cafe  and does private in-home lactation consults.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified birth doula through DONA International, Alison is delighted to help people learn how to prepare themselves both in body and mind for labor and birth with yoga.  No matter how your birth unfolds, a woman will ultimately need to let go and surrender as she welcomes her baby into the world.  Her personal prenatal yoga practice played a very important role in her own physical, mental and emotional preparation for birth.  She loves guiding women through a safe, gentle yoga practice that can positively impact their pregnancy, labor and birth.  She believes that birth is a sacred and transformational journey, a journey that will change your life forever.

Alison is a mother of three, enjoys staying active through dancing, hiking, biking and yoga.  She likes to educate herself about health, wellness, fitness and nutrition and enjoys preparing healthy meals for her family.

Alison teaches prenatal yoga at BBC in addition to working as a lactation consultant and takes occasional birth doula clients.

Sue Fox, RYT

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

When Sue was 7 months pregnant, she moved with her husband to her hometown of Rochester and started taking prenatal yoga classes. It was a transformational moment: Sue.3 copythrough yoga she re-energized her body – building strength and confidence through movement – and reconnected with her breath. The day she brought her son into the world, her yoga practice (along with her husband and awesome doula, (Christy Muscato!) helped her through it naturally and has continued to be an essential part of daily life over the past three years of motherhood.

Sue has worked and been a student of yoga around the globe, but after experiencing pre and postnatal yoga, she knew that this was a gift she wanted to offer new moms. Her prenatal classes are inspired by her own experience and reflect the joy of preparing for motherhood. Whether they are new or seasoned yogis, Sue works with students to build their strength and stamina, relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, and relax through focused breathing.

In 2014, Sue decided to take her learning and engagement with pregnant women to the next level and trained as a birth doula. Supporting her first client through labor and delivery was another transformational moment; witnessing the empowered and triumphant birth of a baby – and of a mother – brought everything full circle for Sue. As a yoga teacher and birth doula, she seeks to support and empower women from their early weeks of pregnancy through to holding their new baby in their arms. Sue is honored to work with the amazing BBC team, and humbled by the lessons she learns from each and every student and client that she works with.

Olivia Donovan

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Olivia was born and raised in Naples, NY where she learned to appreciate the many benefits of connecting with community at a young age. Olivia journeyed to the west coast in 2006, eventually landing in Missoula, MT, where she lived for 14 years. In search of grounding and connection this was where her Yoga practice began. As a professional chef, yoga was a way to create balance within the chaotic lifestyle of fine dining. As her practice started to deepen there were less feelings of satisfaction as a chef and the urge to pour her heart into something that she was truly passionate about took over, she wanted to create experiences that were benefiting the collective.

Olivia is passionate about pregnancy support in all facets. Throughout the last year of her career as a chef she followed her desire to complete a birth doula training, prenatal yoga teacher training and her 200hr teacher training. She is passionate about helping create a mind-body connection and believes prenatal yoga to be one of the most beneficial preparations for child birth. Her intention as a birth doula and yoga facilitator is to empower pregnant people to tap into their inner strength and inner guide. Olivia is honored to be a part of the BBC community, surrounded by like minded individuals she feels that her cup is full and she is ready to spread love and kindness to everyone she meets.

Ayanah Alexander

Yoga Teacher

Ayanah was born and raised in Rochester, NY and was introduced to yoga at the young age of 11 by her ballet teacher. Yoga helped her to manage anxiety in high school and college, and she noticed this practice was more than just exercise. Over the years, yoga has helped her to connect more with herself and to deepen her spiritual practice.

While Ayanah was pregnant her son she completed her first yoga teacher training with Yoga4AGoodHood in the summer of 2021.

Ayanah believes that yoga helped her to have a natural birth that made her feel super empowered, and wants to help other people have a similar experience. Ayanah wants to hold space for people to connect with themselves, their babies and other parents. She strives to make people feel supported during their pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. She is currently completing her birth and postpartum doula training program through Birth Arts International.

Ayanah enjoys dancing, herbalism, yoga, making jewelry, being in nature and spending time with her son and mom. She is excited to be a part of the Beautiful Birth Choices community that helped her through her own pregnancy and postpartum period. She was positively impacted by the many classes and groups offered at BBC.  Her intention is to help other people have a similar experience and to help people find the power that is within them.

If you have any questions about yoga at BBC, please contact us at or call Alison at (585) 451-9968.