Virtual Doula Support

What does Virtual Doula Support look like?

BBC is offering both in-person doula support as well as virtual support, if needed or desired.

At BBC, we are committed to providing you with quality support in whatever ways meets your needs. The doula’s role is support. We do this in an effort to promote the best outcomes possible in the given birth situation. Our virtual conversations can guide you through your prenatal period as well as into your labor room.

We are women trained in labor and birth. We believe that birth is normal and that women are perfectly created to give birth. We are knowledgeable in how labor can progress and ways to assist you with pain management including visualization, relaxation and by being a calming, experienced presence for you and your partner.


We will meet virtually during your pregnancy to discuss your hopes and plans for your birth, to answer questions and share resources with you to help you feel informed and prepared for what’s ahead. Meeting virutally during your pregnancy also allows us to get to know each other and for your doula to understand what’s most important to you and your partner for your birth.

You might also consider attending one of our virtual child birth education classes or virtual prenatal yoga classes as a part of your preparation for birth.

Labor and Birth

We are on call for you beginning at 38 weeks (but are still available to support you if you go into labor sooner!) to provide encouragement, answer questions and continue to available throughout your entire labor and birth to both you and your partner, day or night. Virtual doula support means we are just a phone call (or text) away to hear about what’s happening, offer suggestions, help you know how and when ask the right questions to make informed decisions, or just listen and be available as needed during your labor and delivery.

The goal is to focus on that support in the following ways:


*Emotional Support

*Tension Release                       

*Conversations and/or Educational Support

*Labor and Birth Positions           

*Verbal Support for the Partner as needed

*Comfort Measures

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