Transition unto Transformation

My family is currently experiencing what I believe to be the throws of transition… So it got me thinking about birth (of course), because what we’re doing is birthing a new day for our household. For a couple of years now we have been juggling the idea of actually settling into Rochester, finding that ‘permanent job,’ buying the house in the country, rounding off our family with this ‘last’ little one. Finding our groove. Basically ~ early labor.

Exactly a year ago we hit active labor hard and heavy ~ my husband landed a great job in a career of his choice, we gave birth to baby number five, and we sold our wonderful home in the city and moved out to a beautiful (but totally different!) country location. What a year. Non-stop action for twelve straight months. One might think that was it… labor pains done, on to greener pasture.

Along comes transition. Ahh – what a word. According to Wikipedia, ” ‘trans’ is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side [of].” Transition is that incredibly real and somewhat treacherous part of the journey to the other side. Typically short-lived, it is the embodiment of pain, challenge, questioning and fear. What is happening? Why did we do this? I want to go home! Make it go away.

This is exactly where my family finds itself right now… worn out from active labor and in the midst of major transition. We’re trying desperately to settle in and claim this new way of living – to find the rhythm of our labor as it moves fast and furious through our home. Gardens, flower beds, new work schedules, commutes to the city, new neighbors, pool maintenance, a busy toddler, bugs, snakes, chicken coops, clothes lines, wood burning furnaces, school work, major lawn mowing, children that grow like weeds, new doctors – dentists – hair dressers – stores – sports groups – clubs and more. The list goes on and on. Transition ~ crossing over ~ can be painful and it’s hard work. But wait a minute…

A word about transition – it is most definitely not without its’ merits. Transition is undoubtedly the most painful and frightening part of labor… the time when you wonder if you can possibly make it through. Many women contemplate the use of pain medications during transition (I’m currently considering chocolate by the truck load), they doubt their ability and strength (My husband is trying to figure out who this person is that he’s married to and what happened to his wife) and they need access to unlimited support and reassurance (I’m about to call in the ‘mother ship’ for reinforcements). But this is also a time for ‘crossing over’ in our lives as women ~ finding a new strength and passion inside ourselves that we might not know exists. Drawing courage from deep within, leaning on the strengths in your life and moving forward with perseverance. You will be a different person for the experience ~ completely transformed.

Let transition work for you.

Now second stage… pushing! That is what I’m hanging on for. Work ~ with reward. Children running the countryside in bare feet, vegetables peeking their heads up out of the rich soil of my new garden, chickens laying eggs for little hands to collect, laundry blowing in the breeze, hot and lazy days of summer to jump in the swimming pool, a warm and cozy home heated with our own fire when the days once again turn cool, routine. Second stage just feels different, and the gifts are visible and within arm’s reach!

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