Surrogacy Offerings

Beautiful Birth Choices offers well rounded prenatal and birth planning support for surrogate families, both for the Surrogate and the Intended Parents. Get the full experience with our New York Surrogacy Center Bundle, or pick and choose from our individual offerings. Please email us at for more information.

Doula Support – $1175-2200 (fees vary based on experience level of your doula)

In person in the greater Rochester area, or virtual anywhere! Meet our doula team and learn more information about doula support with Beautiful Birth Choices.

Birth Preferences Consultation: $50/consult (1 included in NYSC Bundle)

Meeting with surrogate, intended parents and an experienced doula to discuss and educate on various birth preferences, locations, types of providers, and anything else the group decides to talk through. This meeting allows all parties to share previous experiences, anxieties and excitements surrounding the surrogacy process. The goal of
the meeting is to leave all parties feeling heard, supported, and informed in their choices as a team.

Childbirth Education for Intended Parents: $275 per team (Intended Parents + Surrogate)

This course is specifically tailored to walk Intended Parents through everything they will need to know about labor and birth from the perspective of a parent and support person. The surrogate is invited to join, as well.

Lactation Educational Support: $50 per consult (1 included in NYSC Bundle)

For Surrogate: Guidance in drying up milk supply, exclusively pumping, and any other
lactation-related topic.

For Intended Parents: Bottle feeding guidelines, breastmilk storage, normal infant
feeding timing and behavior, and any other feeding-related topic. Also can provide
information and referrals regarding inducing lactation.

Classes for Intended Parents: $75 per class (all are included in NYSC Bundle)

Baby Basics: The ins and outs of practical care for baby. We will cover diaper changing, sleep, feeding, bathing, and more.

Thriving with Baby: We’ll dive into your plan for bringing home baby, how to maintain your relationship as a couple, what to expect in those first weeks of baby’s life, and more. You’ll leave this class with a written plan and an educated outlook on your new parenting journey.

Infant, Toddler and Child First Aid and CPR: This non-certifying CPR class will teach you everything you need to know in an emergency situation as a new parent.

NYSC Bundle: $2075

Price will vary based on the experience level of your doula. The NYSC Bundle is exclusive for NYSC clients and includes everything listed above.