Prenatal Consult with Postpartum Doula:

1 Hour Postpartum Doula Consult: $75

Having a consult prenatally with a Postpartum Doula can help talk you through how to prepare for your postpartum journey. You can schedule a consultation whether hiring a postpartum doula or not. It is a separate service to aid your preparation for when baby(ies) are here. A postpartum doula specializes in helping with that transition so this consult is an opportunity to get advice from an expert. During your 1 hour zoom consult, we will talk through fears/concerns, plans for support, ways to continue building your relationship with a partner if you that applies, and some planning for postpartum mood (depression or anxiety) challenges. If you would like more information on Postpartum Doula Support or on Full Circle Birth Doula Bundle which includes the Postpartum Doula Consult, please click the hyperlinks or reach out to Christy.

To schedule your Postpartum Consult with Christy Muscato, a founder/owner and postpartum doula, please email and she will gladly set that up with you.