Life With Baby

Life with Baby meets in person every Thursday at 10 AM.  Registration to attend in person is strongly encouraged. 

We are limiting in person groups to 15 people, priority will be given to those who have registered to help us maintain group safety for in person meetings.  Babies and young children are welcome to accompany you to our meetings.

The link to our Zoom meetings are posted the morning of the meeting in BBC’s Breastfeeding Cafe and Parenting Facebook group.  If you aren’t on Facebook and would like to join us, please email and we’ll happily send you the link!

While full of so many joys, we know it’s also full of sleepless nights, sticky hands, belly laughs, questions about everything from diapers to feeding, and so much more. We invite you to join this wonderful group of your fellow new parents as you learn about Life with Baby together.

This support group is geared toward parents experiencing life with baby during that first, impressionable year. The group is facilitated by a leader, please bring your questions, your concerns and your stories.

Some of the topics often discussed at our meetings:

  • General parenting questions and concerns
  • Sleep!
  • Going back to work
  • Daycare and child care
  • Feeding questions and concerns
  • Baby wearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting
  • Staying connecting with your partner
  • Handling unsolicited, unhelpful or unwanted advice and comments from friends and family

This group is intended for parents of babies through the first year.   All parents (and expecting parents!) are welcome to come to these meetings and take part in our facilitated group discussions and support.  We kindly ask for a $3 contribution to attend this group, but no family will be turned away.

Thank you for helping us keep this group running and offering support to other new families!