Nora Dobrich, RYT

Nora began practicing yoga in 2002, while working towards her master’s degree in Art Therapy. From that first class, Nora knew that yoga needed to be part of her life. Nora shares that yoga has changed her life both internally and externally. Nora grew up playing competitive sports and ran Track and Cross- Country at the Division I level in college. Physically, Nora feels stronger now than while competing in sports. Emotionally, her relationships have grown deeper and more meaningful, as she relates to people with more love and patience, due to her yoga practice.

In reflecting on how yoga has positively changed her life, Nora wanted to share these gifts with others. This lead her to study with Yogafit and she completed her 200 hour certification in 2011. It has been an extremely rewarding experience for Nora to connect with participants and witness the positive growth in their practice, both on and off the mat.

Since 2010, Nora has been providing corporate wellness and yoga classes to local businesses, to improve employee satisfaction, focus and efficiency. In 2013, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, to broaden her knowledge of anatomy and nutrition.


Linda Schmackpfeffer

Linda Schmackpfeffer has been a Baby Signing Instructor since 2006 when she founded her business “Tiny Hands Talk to Me.”  Linda was introduced to baby signing when her then 18 Linda photomonth old grandson was speech delayed and went for speech therapy. The speech therapist recommended that his parents teach him ASL, so he would have a way to communicate before he could speak. When Linda saw how much this helped her grandson, she did some research and found out that signing with babies of all ages (with or without disabilities) is very beneficial both short term and long term. It was at this point that Linda decided she wanted to share this valuable information with parents and caregivers in the area through classes, workshops, and seminars. Linda received her initial Baby Signing Instructor certification from Kindersigns University in 2006. In 2010 Linda applied to and was accepted by The Signing Time Academy. She received further training and became a Certified Baby Signing Time Instructor. Over the years Linda has taught her Baby Signing Classes at local libraries, and recreation centers, as well as holding private in home classes for interested parents and families. She also has conducted several workshops for the teaching staff of various childcare centers in the Rochester area.


Anja Webster

Anja Webster is passionate about many things.
Having immigrated to the US in 2004, deeply in love with her ever supportive husband Brian, she found herself in need of a sister with the birth of her first child. Her marvelous birth doula fulfilled her deep rooted need to feel supported by women, and thus a love for birth, live, and teaching had been ignited.
In the early years of motherhood, Anja studied the art of being a birth and postpartum doula, taught German at the German School of Rochester, and founded a German Book Club for Kids, before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: homeschooling her two lively daughters. Since then, Anja has been actively involved in several homeschool co-ops, was a founding member and two year unit leader at AHG Troop NY2911, and has volunteered in several ministries.
In her spare time Anja became a Lay and Ministry Counselor under the guidance of Kathy Elliott, LMHC, and a Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor.
Anja has been mentored for several years by a generous and incredibly knowledgeable cat breeder, inviting her into the most intimate moments of life of another species. People with neurological challenges are of special interest to Anja, and she hopes to step into her mentor’s shoes to help provide companion animals to children and adults in need.
Having lived in Germany, Switzerland, England, and France, Anja has learned that the feeling of belonging comes from within, and believes in the power of supporting, teaching, helping, and healing one another.


Megan’s journey in the holistic arts has evolved over the years, rooted in healing touch as a licensed esthetician. Her passion for health, wellness and living the best life naturally evokes the same passion in others.  As a new mother, her focus shifted to reconnecting with her body and connecting with her baby, and now enjoys helping other mothers on own journey .
Megan completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Marianne Wells Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance Registered school, in Costa Rica.  She felt honored to learn from Marianne, a teacher so deeply rooted in traditional Yoga. As a student of B.K.S. Iyengar, Megan was inspired by real, authentic yoga teaching with the emphasis on spirituality as the focus of her training.
Megan was at crossroads in her life when she decided to immerse herself in the yogi lifestyle. The weeks she spent in the jungles of Costa Rica changed the trajectory of her life forever. What she thought would be adventure for herself evolved into her soul’s purpose on this earth. Today she enjoys sharing authentic yoga and the teachings of the past with her community.
In Megan’s classes you will experience Yoga as it was meant to be. Non-judgmental and perfect for both beginners and the most advanced practitioners.
“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, It transforms the person who sees”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Jenna Weintraub

Hi, I’m Jenna, founder of Body Love Yoga. I’m a Curvy Yoga certified yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance and a member of The Association for Size Diversity and Health.

I’m a creator and singer. I’m an educator. If the topic is within sexuality, self-care, health at every size, reproductive health – you name it, I’ve wrote the curriculum, made the sign-in sheets, and welcomed the group. I love creating brave spaces for people to learn and love. Now I’m able to add yoga to the list.

After many years of dieting, disordered eating and just putting off life I realized it was time to start embracing the body I was living with. I also wanted to inhabit my body, like really really be in my body. Yoga helped me embrace my body, connect with my body and repair my relationship with my body. Yoga changed my life and I want to help you realize your worth, feel good in your body and find relaxation no matter your size by sharing yoga with you.

Body Love Yoga creates a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive studio environment for yogis of every size, shape, age & ability. As a body positive yoga class all bodies are good no matter size or ability. With this, yoga pose options are offered for each pose, along with guided gratitude for the body that brings you along your journey every day. Classes will give you a chance to connect with your body with kindness. One of the goals of Body Love Yoga intends on offering yoga instruction for those who feel abandoned by the yoga community, and to be a place where students can bring their full selves, without closeting any part of their identity or experience that they don’t want to hide. We focus on breathing, mindfulness, and strength-building in an intentional, supportive, and body-positive environment.