Community Teaching Partners



Laura began her journey as a birth professional well before she had children of her own.  In spring of 2007, she completed DONA International birth doula training.  She truly believes that birth is not just another day in a woman’s life.  The labor and birth experience, and the support a woman receives, will influence her mothering and how she sees herself for the rest of her life.

After attending the first few births, her passion for birth was obvious.  Being a doula connected her to what was important in life.  Thirsty for more knowledge, Laura trained as a DONA International postpartum doula later that year to provide additional support to new mothers and their families.  She is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, dedicated to teaching informative, interactive and fun classes to expectant parents.

In 2010, Laura gave birth to her first child.  She experienced firsthand the impact birth has and understood the important role childbirth education played.  It was clear that understanding the whole process profoundly impacted confidence, reduced fear and let her look forward to labor—to the rite of passage and the life changing experience having a baby would be.  Laura’s first birth experience led her to explore more options and she chose to have her second and third children at home with a midwife.

Laura is active in the Rochester birth community. She is currently serving her second term as President of the Doula Cooperative and is a facilitator of the Rochester Home Birth Circle.  In her spare time, which a mom of four small children doesn’t have much, Laura enjoys crafts (knitting, quilting, jewelry making), photography (maternity, newborn, family) and sneaking in a few computer games with her husband. Recently she has been exploring the benefits of essential oils for health and wellness.

At BBC, Laura teaches Child Birth Education, the Sibling Class and takes occasional birth doula clients.

Dalia Rodriguez-Aponte, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

Dalia is a classical trained pianist and teacher that found a new calling and passion in birth through her journey of becoming a mom.  Dalia.3 copy Currently, she is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and has taken other courses and trainings that compliment her work. Dalia believes in birth and in the woman’s ability to give birth, but she also understands the fears that arise during this process. For her, this is a sacred and transformative time in which it is possible to be reborn as an individual and parent. Dalia, who is bi-lingual (English and Spanish), will be honored to be a part of your process.

At BBC, Dalia teaches our Comfort Measures class and takes occasional birth and postpartum doula clients.

Anja Webster

Anja Webster is passionate about many things.
Having immigrated to the US in 2004, deeply in love with her ever supportive husband Brian, she found herself in need of a sister with the birth of her first child. Her marvelous birth doula fulfilled her deep rooted need to feel supported by women, and thus a love for birth, live, and teaching had been ignited.
In the early years of motherhood, Anja studied the art of being a birth and postpartum doula, taught German at the German School of Rochester, and founded a German Book Club for Kids, before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: homeschooling her two lively daughters. Since then, Anja has been actively involved in several homeschool co-ops, was a founding member and two year unit leader at AHG Troop NY2911, and has volunteered in several ministries.
In her spare time Anja became a Lay and Ministry Counselor under the guidance of Kathy Elliott, LMHC, and a Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor.
Anja has been mentored for several years by a generous and incredibly knowledgeable cat breeder, inviting her into the most intimate moments of life of another species. People with neurological challenges are of special interest to Anja, and she hopes to step into her mentor’s shoes to help provide companion animals to children and adults in need.
Having lived in Germany, Switzerland, England, and France, Anja has learned that the feeling of belonging comes from within, and believes in the power of supporting, teaching, helping, and healing one another.

Stacia Paganelli and Nicole DiMartino

Stacia and Nicole from Help with Feeding teach our Intro to Solids Class