Community Teaching Partners

Stacia Paganelli


Nicole DiMartino


Stacia and Nicole from Help with Feeding teach our Intro to Solids Class.

Stacia Paganelli, MA, CCC-SLP, CLC and Nicole DiMartino, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC are pediatric speech-language pathologists and certified lactation counselors who specialize in evaluation and treatment of feeding difficulties in infants and young children. They provide Early Intervention and outpatient feeding services at Step by Step Developmental Services and Pediatric Therapy Center here in Rochester, NY. Their website, Help With Feeding, provides developmentally-appropriate information on feeding with the goal of supporting parents of infants and toddlers struggling with breast/bottle-feeding as well as the transition to solids and table foods.

Jillian Kozlowski

M.A., Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Certified Newborn Sleep Consultant

Jillian and holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She is the owner and founder of Snooze Baby Co. After her own struggles with her first child’s sleep, she founded Snooze Baby Co. to support parents in teaching their children to sleep well with a compassionate and responsive approach. She is a mom of two and is passionate about supporting families as they navigate the transition to parenthood and beyond.