Preparing for Parenthood

With Nora Doebrich, MPS, RYT

Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist

When: Fall and Winter 2022 – registration coming soon!
Cost: $150 per couple

Intentions of this class

To open up the dialogue between partners, as they transition into parenthood (both new families and expecting families) together and creating a foundation of support and a clearer plan in preparing for this enormous, beautiful and difficult life change. We spend a lot of energy focusing on preparing for the birth and the care of this special new life and can sometimes overlook our own self-care and the care of the relationship between ourselves and our partner. This workshop is a designated time and space to come together and begin the conversation of what life as parents may be like, as well as gain some valuable insight from each other, and tools for managing this new journey together. 


  • Discussion and exercise to determine each partners Love Languages
  • Examining how each partner communicates their own needs and what barriers tend to prevent this communication
  • Reflective listening exercise


  • Identifying our own strengths, identifying our partner’s strengths and then sharing 
  • Establishing how these strengths can fit into parenting and managing of family/ home


  • Group discussion on what are boundaries, why are they important and how might they change in parenthood. 
  • Art activity to explore each individual’s sense of boundaries and communication of boundaries. Identify any differences between the two styles of establishing and maintaining boundaries and discuss ways to create unified boundaries as a family

Managing Conflict Together:

  • Watch funny video clips of conflict resolution styles
  • Each partner will complete a brief questionnaire to identify personal conflict resolution style and barriers
  • Exercise on non-violent communication
  • Together create a Rules of Engagement mini-poster to take home, involving a mutual agreement for effectively managing conflict

Finding Joy Together:

  • Engage in fun group game similar to the Newlywed Game where partners must guess their partner’s answers to certain questions. 
  • Identify ways to celebrate each other through the challenges
  • Gratitude mediation

About Your Instructor:

Nora is a Master’s level Art Therapist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She specializes in trauma processing and partner with her clients to promote healing from a mind-body approach. She is also currently completing her second Master’s in School Counseling and expected to graduate June, 2022. 

Nora completed her Master’s degree in Art Therapy in 2004, from Pratt Institute. For over 15 years Nora has been supporting children and adults who have experienced trauma (acute and chronic) and partnering with clients to build on strengths, process trauma symptoms and heal.

Nora has worked in a variety of settings, including; a children’s mental health clinic, a mental health hospital, school setting, domestic violence shelter and non-profit outreach work. Nora feels that all of her experiences have increased her knowledge of community systems and therapy models, expanded her capacity for empathy and has assisted her in developing her approach to therapy.

Nora has completed training in the following models; Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child- Parent Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindful Based Stress Reduction and  Structural Family Therapy. Nora does not subscribe to one particular therapy model, rather she meets each client where they are and together create a path towards healing that makes sense for the individual. Nora does often suggest the utilization of meditation and mindfulness work to aid in the healing process.