Birth Art with Nora

Monday, September 30, 2019 – 5:30 – 7 PM

Pregnancy and birth are not just about creating a new human life, but also about creating mothers. Birth Art is a wonderful way for women to tune in and explore what it really means to embark on this life changing journey. Birth Art can guide a woman towards greater meaning of both the physical and emotional changes that occur through pregnancy and beyond.

This group is for every woman, in every part of the mama journey (expectant mother, new mom, mom of older children, grandmother). Art has a rich history of connecting communities and through this workshop we will create a strong and loving sisterhood.

Within this group, we will use art materials and the art making process, to connect with the deeper layers of our being/ psyche and you may be surprised with what comes out of this exploration.

Together, as a group, we will create a space of acceptance and love, free of judgement and expectations. No art experience necessary. This workshop is intended to support women in processing complex emotions related to becoming a mother, while also offering a playful space to make art. This workshop is not about the finished product, rather about being present in the process of creating.

This workshop will be guided by Nora Doebrich, an Art Therapist, Yoga Instructor and mother. Nora is passionate about using what she has learned and her own experiences to support women in processing the complexities of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, through art.

Participants will be given several directives and will be encouraged to choose one to focus on for the duration of the workshop. Participants are also welcome to create their own work of art separate from the given directives. Below are some directives/ ideas to get you started, or you can choose to do whatever comes to your mind and heart.

Being Pregnant- Using materials given, create an image that depicts your meaning of being pregnant and what this journey has been like for you.  This can be a physical image of your body during pregnancy, a physical experience, an emotion, a thought, or all of the above. It can be an abstract image, a realistic image, words, symbols etc.

Landscape of Pregnancy- Create a landscape of how your pregnancy has felt within your body. Partners can create an image of a landscape from his or her outside perspective of pregnancy. Consider substance (water, earth, air, fire, etc), texture, color and meaning.

Door or Bridge to Birth- Birth is a very profound “crossing over.” There may be nothing more transformative than this experience. Create an image that depicts this transformation. This can be in the form of a door, a bridge or any other image that elicits the meaning of change and transformation. Again, consider, color, texture, size, etc. Also, consider what is around this focal image (the landscape housing this image).

Postnatal Art- Create an image of your birthing experience. Birth happens in your body and not so much in your mind, so allow the body sensations to guide this process and do more feeling, less thinking.

Baby’s First Experiences- Imagine seeing the world from your baby’s perspective, using the senses. Imagine what he or she may see, feel, smell, hear and taste during his or her first moments of life. Babies come to us as mindful little beings, without the distractions we have as adults.

Please note that pre-registration is required for this group.  We kindly ask that you register by noon of the day of the workshop.