Childbirth Classes

All of our classes give you tangible tools to take with you into your labor, but even more importantly, our hope is that you leave empowered and informed of your choices. We teach from a comprehensive model, so whether you’re planning for hospital or home, unmedicated or wanting to access use of an epidural or other pain medications, or if your plans are open and flexible and you just want to learn about your options, we want to give you the information and tools to do so. When meeting in-person for class at our studio, we keep our classes capped at ten couples so that you have opportunity to build community and to have your questions answered in an in-depth and personal manner.

During this interim time of COVID-19, we are offering a hybrid model of our classes. This policy extends through March 2021 as of this point.  The Five Week series is now offered as a split model, with four weeks virtually via Zoom with a live instructor and one week as an optional session in-person at the studio for comfort measures and labor positions. There is also some content offered off-line. We will continue to offer this for as long as necessary in order to continue to get excellent evidence based information about childbirth into your hands. The optional in-person session at the studio will be offered on week three of the series, and your attendance is based on personal comfort levels and of course, health status.  This will be by appointment and will be in small groups.  Regardless of the format, we look for to meeting with you, connecting you to other birthing families, and bringing helpful resources to your table.

Class Information for all formats covers: Late Pregnancy / Stages & Phases of Labor / Anatomy & Physiology of Labor / Hormones in Birth / Comfort Measures / Optimal Fetal Positioning / Choices in Birth / Possible Interventions and How to Navigate / Coping with Pain in Labor / Cesarean Birth / Coping & Relaxation / Planning for Immediate Postpartum

Click on a class date in order to register. Please note that the Virtual class dates listed are the current dates for class. Registration Fee covers a birthing person and their primary support person. 

BBC Childbirth Series 2020-2021
When: Wednesdays, 6:30 pm – 9 pm
Cost:  $199.00 – One registration includes birthing person AND a primary support person

Wednesday, January 6th – February 3, 2021

Wednesday, February 17th – March 17th, 2021

Wednesday, March 31st – April 28th, 2021

BBC Childbirth Express Class 2020-2021
When: Saturdays, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost:  $175.00 – One registration includes birthing person AND a primary support person

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Please consider joining us for a series – we will even add more if the need arises! If a series doesn’t work for you, contact us about a private instruction class. We would LOVE to work with you!

Private Instruction

This class is up to 4 hours long and taught  via Zoom. A private instruction class offers individualized information that usually covers specific topics . All the classes are geared to prepare and empower you to have the wonderful birth you want.

When: Scheduled as needed
Cost : $45/hr , 4 hrs recommended but at least a 3 hr minimum required. The minimum of 3 hours will be paid when class is scheduled.  Any additional hours will be paid at time of class.

Kind words from past students…

“I absolutely loved this class. Julia and Christy are so knowledgeable, warm, funny, and thorough… I felt safe to ask any question, laugh and  begin to look forward to the amazing experience birth is. I also made friends in this class and we plan to start a mom’s group. Having the classes in a home also made it very cozy. I couldn’t recommend this class more highly.”

Alexa Scott-Flaherty