Private Breastfeeding Consultations – Lactation Consultant

We know that breastfeeding can be challenging, especially in the early days and weeks at home with your new baby.   The good news is that nearly all breastfeeding problems have solutions with the right help, support and guidance.   We welcome you to reach out to us at or call or text Alison Spath, IBCLC at 585-451-9968.

Virtual and telephone consults are available!


Alison is experienced with and can help with any of the following issues, and more.

  • Breastfeeding hurts
  • You have sore, painful, cracked, bleeding or injured nipples
  • You need guidance with latching and positioning
  • Latching and positioning support is “hands off”, unless “hands on” help is desired and consented clearly and verbally by you
  • You have concerns about your milk supply
  • Your baby is having issues with weight gain
  • You think your baby might have a tongue tie or other Tethered Oral Tissues
  • Using or weaning from a nipple shield
  • Using a supplemental nursing system
  • You want help breastfeeding multiples
  • You have questions about pumping
  • You need help with bottle feeding or bottle refusal
  • Questions about supplementing with expressed breastmilk or formula
  • You need support with exclusively pumping
  • Your baby is struggling with colic or reflux
  • Going back to work
  • Starting solid foods
  • Weaning

Or perhaps you feel like breastfeeding is going well, but you have questions and would like an assessment and reassurance that breastfeeding is working for you and your baby.

Alison is happy to support you and help you work towards your breastfeeding goals and whatever you want breastfeeding to look like.

We can help and are happy to meet with you in a private setting, either in your home or at Alison’s home office in the Highland Park neighborhood (near Highland Hospital).

We understand that issues related to breastfeeding feel urgent.  We can usually arrange for your private lactation visit to happen within a day or two of when you reach out to schedule your consult.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help at any time.

Alison can be reached at or feel free to call or text 585-451-9968 for more information or to set up your consult.

What to Expect

Home or office lactation consults typically last about an hour and a half to two hours, but there are generally no time constraints for your meeting.  We will do our best to work together to arrange a time to meet that works best for you and your family and will stay until all your questions have been answered.

Health and Safety Measures for Home Visits

  • Because COVID-19 can be present in the air, masks are optional for parents in their own home.
  • Alison will wear a mask throughout the entire visit will follow proper hand hygiene practices, as always.
  • Alison will change clothes/scrubs between consecutive home visits.
  • All equipment, scale, head lamp, props and teaching tools are properly disinfected and cleaned between visits.
  • Alison will reschedule and/or cancel home visits if she becomes ill or has a known exposure to someone with COVID-19.
  • Virtual consults are always an option for those that prefer to not meet in person.

Virtual or telephone consults will generally last 60 – 75 minutes.  Virtual consults will have limitations, as there can be no oral exam of your baby, no physical breast exam or weighted feeds unless you have an infant scale at home.  There is still a lot that we can address through your feeding history and current feeding routines.  Together we can come up with a feeding plan to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

What happens during a visit:

  • History of mother and baby as they pertain to breastfeeding
  • Pre-feeding and post-feeding weights to determine milk transfer
  • Oral exam and suck assessment of your infant(s)
  • Thorough evaluation of feeding, latch and positioning
  • Answers to your questions
  • Kind, compassionate, confidential and respectful support
  • A care plan that addresses your breastfeeding goals, your needs and your baby’s needs
  • Judgement-free guidance and education to help you make informed feeding decisions that are right for you
  • Referrals to providers in our area as needed for body work, physical or feeding therapies or oral restrictions
  • Lactation report sent to your and your baby’s care provider(s)
  • Follow up support
  • Return visits as needed/desired

Lactation Consultant IBCLC Alison Spath Rochester NYYour lactation visit will be with Alison Spath, IBCLC.  Alison is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a former La Leche League Leader in Rochester and the mother of three breastfed children.  Alison has been supporting breastfeeding mothers in the greater Rochester area since 2008.

We are committed to bringing you kind and caring support as well as accurate and up-to-date breastfeeding information.  We are honored to serve you and your family and are delighted to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.


Initial Consult: $140 in your home or at Beautiful Birth Choices, if preferred.

Virtual (Video) or Telephone Consults: Sliding scale $50 – $70; pay what you can afford, no questions asked.

Follow up consults: $90

Virtual or telephone follow ups: $45

Travel outside Monroe county: Additional $25

Charges for our lactation services can be paid with cash, check or credit/debit card.  We can often accept HSA/FSA cards.  Alison can provide you with a receipt for your insurance for potential reimbursement.

More Breastfeeding Support

We also offer an Introduction to Breastfeeding class for expecting families, Breastfeeding 201 class for those wanting to learn more about pumping, bottle feeding or returning to work, and our support group for nursing and pregnant parents, Breastfeeding Cafe.

If you’re not sure about the kind of support you need or if you would like to find out more about our private breastfeeding consultations, we welcome you to reach out to Alison Spath at, or call or text 585-451-9968.