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Centering Pregnancy prenatal care is an excellent tool for connecting with families at a personal level in the childbearing year. The evidence based practice and community feel of centering meetings is something we want to incorporate into our doula support.

These B4Birth prenatal meetings are open to all of our BBC doula families. Since doulas are often hired by families months before their due date arrives, that means there’s lots of time to get to know each other and work with families during their pregnancies. In our dream of creating a full spectrum of support, as well as our goal of a closer community, we have developed “B4Birth.” The 2nd Monday of every month, all of our BBC doula families are invited to learn from different guest speakers on various topics relating to pregnancy, labor, and their newborn. Each family’s doula will be present for any one on one discussion if desired, as well as the opportunity to meet all of our other BBC doulas who are in the wings as back-up. The relationships we create with our clients are very special to us, and this is another way we hope to nurture them. Plus, we love the idea of our families getting to know each other! Win Win for ALL!!!