We’d love to hear how BBC Childbirth Classes, Doula Support and Prenatal Yoga have played a role in your birth experience!  If you have a testimonial of your own that you’d like to share with families who are considering our services, we’d love to hear about your experience with Beautiful Birth Choices!

Katie and David

“Julia attended the homebirth of our daughter Ahma.  Plain and simple- I cant imagine having a baby without a doula, especially without Julia.  She offered physical support without tiring and poetic words of encouragement with perfect timing.  Because she was there my husband and I were able to stay close.  His arms held me, hugged me while she took care of us in every way we needed support.  Because she was there my husband and I were able to stay connected without interruption and our daughter was born naturally and peacefully.”

Christa Tyson, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula and Mother of Three

“I cannot thank Christy enough for all of her support during my 2nd birth.  After going through a not so great medicated experience as a first time mom, my husband and I chose to go for a natural birth the 2ndtime around…  Though I was skeptical at my first when considering a Doula, I could not have been happier that Christy was part of our journey and I cannot imagine birthing another way again.  A Doula is a MUST have for any expectant mom!  Christy was the perfect balance of hands on and hands off that I personally needed.  She knew when to jump in and say how about we try this or that and she also knew when it was time to just sit back and let my husband do his job and let me do mine.  Her knowledge was comforting and helped remind myself how important it is to trust my body… Labor can be scary because of all the unknowns, even when you have done it before and it is really nice to have someone next to you who has been there through dozens of births, in several different scenarios.  I would, and have, recommend Christy and Julia to anyone I know.  Their knowledge, warmth and support is indispensable and I cannot thank them both enough for their help and guidance.”

Laura Gatto, Mother of Two

“My husband and I are so pleased that we chose BBC for our childbirth education class.  During such an exciting and new change in our lives, it was helpful to be surrounded by such knowledge and support.  Both Julia and Christy were so informative and encouraging.  They opened their hearts and homes to us and you truly felt the love they have for their work.  We also met some other wonderful new parents and each week we were able to share with each other how we were feeling, any new changes, etc.  This really was a great foundation to prepare us for childbirth and our new lives as parents!”

Elaine Bull, Mother of Two

“Beautiful Birth Choices was the perfect choice for us to prepare for our second child.  After a traumatic and complicated first delivery, we were very anxious about the child birth process in general.  The Beautiful Birth Choices child birth class was very personal. Julia made sure to focus on our specific needs and concerns.  The class was focused on childbirth preparedness rather than a specific ‘method’ or type of birth.  In the class we planned what type of medication we would be comfortable with, when we would like to ask for medication, how the choices we would make fit with the type of birth we wanted.  We learned what we could ask from our providers and in what situations we needed to accept interventions.  We felt prepared and empowered as we went into labor and delivered a lovely little girl in an un-medicated, VBAC delivery!   The most important part for us of Beautiful Birth Choices was Julia encouraging us that we I could make decisions about our birth rather than feeling as if it just happened.  Our daughter’s birth is a wonderful, redemptive story thanks in part to Julia and Beautiful Birth Choices.”

~ Ellis’ Mom & Dad

“Christy was an integral part of my birth team. Her support provided a sense of calm, peace of mind and comfort, allowing me to stay totally focused on working with my baby and body throughout labor. My husband and I agree that we wouldn’t want to go through labor without Christy by our sides. We are forever grateful for her role and care in such an intimate, special time.”

~ Nellie Hedegard, Mother of Two

“Julia has been my doula for the birth of my 3 boys, all born within 5 years of each other. I should really say “our” doula because my husband strongly feels that no couple should go through labor without a doula at their side, this coming from a man who had never heard of a doula before my pregnancy with our first. Through each labor and delivery, Julia so often was a life saver in so many large and small ways. She provided kind, gentle, patient, calm, and knowledgeable support throughout each of my labors – this was particularly extraordinary in the > 24 hour marathon labor that we experienced with my first… As a family doctor, I highly recommend doulas for each of my pregnant patients, and I can only sing the praises of Julia and Christy of Beautiful Birth Choices.”

~ Emily Queenan, MD, Mother of Three

“I am so grateful for your class. We learned so much and that helped me approach labor and delivery feeling relaxed, informed and in charge.”

~ Holly Brown, Mother of One

“Christy was there for the birth of our 3rd child. She helped my wife have a V-BAC, which was an incredible blessing to our family. She’s SO good at what she does, and I’d recommend her to any pregnant women. We might have another kid just so we can use her again!”

~Joe Cassara, Father of Three

“It is wonderful to have a woman beside you to encourage, support, and help ease the pains of labor. I do not believe I would have made it without drugs if Julia was not beside me with her smiling face and encouraging words that I could do it! The guidance and support to my husband and I was amazing!! Julia was with me for three babies and I would definitely have her there again if we happen to have a fourth!!!”

~ Maryann Quirk, Mother of Three

“My experience with Julia Sittig and Christy Muscato was nothing short of perfect. Really couldn’t have had a better sisterhood for the journey, than with these two AWESOME ladies. Julia was my back up Doula and what a blessing she was- to have her experience and unwavering support throughout the three plus days of labor. We wouldn’t have had the memorable experience we had if not for her, not to mention the moving birth story she gifted us! Christy as well, pulled us through those early weeks, as our life saving postpartum Doula. You ladies are the best!!”

~ Amanda Jensen and family

“Christy was the angel that helped me through labor with my first born son Colton. She was there from start to finish and my husband and I couldnt have asked for a better person to support us both through one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.” – “Christy was awesome before during and after the birth of our son. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a birth coach or Doula.”

~Jennifer & Paul Miller, Parents of One

“Thank you, Christy, for the personal birthing classes.. I was so very lucky to have an all natural delivery like we had wanted!  I was so proud of myself that I was able to complete everything medication and intervention free, I knew my body could do it!.. I thank you for all the helpful information to get me through the amazing delivery. We used so many of the techniques discussed in our classes.

~ Clarrisa Galvano, Mother of Two